I have had the pleasure of knowing Douglas for several years and I am proud to advise that I was his first client in Nigeria, During my time with Douglas, I have found him to be very diligent and provides the support and security I need in my wealth planning,

A professional that will always go above and beyond to ensure that your pension and savings are secure and maximising their potential at all times, which to me were the main factors I needed to be addressed.

Having got to know Douglas over a long period it is a pleasure that I can recommend him with confidence as he provides that added security that I need but in a friendly and personalised way.

Douglas is not just a wealth manager to me. but a close friend who has advised and helped me through varied situations over the years, that has enabled me to concentrate on my business.

So if you need good professional advice for all investments, savings and pensions then arrange a meeting with Douglas and discuss all your needs and financial planning as you won’t just invest in your financial planning you will invest in a long lasting relationship and friendship.