The lifestyle you envision in retirement may need to be funded by a suitable pension scheme. Choosing the best pension for you and your situation is crucial to making the most of retirement. This includes considering your place of residency, tax residency and domicility.

IIMG can assist you to choose the most applicable pension with special attention paid to your exact situation. We’ve already helped scores of locals and expats living around the world to secure an advantageous pension for them. Contact us today to secure a pension that truly works for you.

Pensions tailored to expats

Expats frequently use IIMG pension planning services to help them find the most suitable pension for their situation, which includes looking for pension schemes on and off-shore.

It’s essential to align pension selection to tax status and country of residency. You may be able to draw a previous pension scheme in a foreign country without paying tax, or there could be significant tax benefits in choosing to transfer an existing pension to your new country of residence.

Our advisers will be happy to discuss your options and fulfil your retirement aims.

Pensions for locals

As well as helping expats, IIMG is also here to assist locals to identify their most suitable pension scheme. We provide the same attention to detail when searching and securing pensions for locals based on their retirement vision and specific requirements. We have advisers who are experienced across borders, ensuring that everyone can be supported through IIMG pension services.

Find a lost pension

Have you lost the details of an old pension? IIMG can assist you in finding it and hopefully unearth more wealth in the process. We often work for clients to locate pensions they cannot find on their own. This service can be used by anyone, but it is frequently utilised by expats seeking to find an old pension from their home country.

Discuss pensions with an expert now

IIMG is home to pension specialists with a firm understanding of how residency and fiscal rules can affect your wealth. Speak to one of our experts today and discover your options.

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