Foreign Exchange



IIMG can assist you in making secure international foreign currency transfers. Our foreign exchange service is available in many jurisdictions covering a vast number of currencies. Speak to us now to learn about the current live rates offered for small and large money transfers, available on our platform.

Are we competitive?

IIMG foreign exchange services are generally more competitive than you will be offered with banks and other exchange services. Our clients usually benefit from better exchange rates, allowing them to protect their wealth during the currency exchange. Find out how we stack up against your bank by getting in touch with us and asking about the current rates offered.

Statutory documents for payments

Some clients, particularly South African residents, may need to complete statutory documentation to make transfers overseas. Our team are on hand to assist with these documents when using our foreign exchange services. We’ll help you understand what documents are needed and advise you on completing forms accurately to avoid complications.

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Request a free quote on your next foreign exchange now. Our team can tell you the rates currently offered and disclose any fees that may be applicable to the transfer.

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