Golden Visa’s



There are pathways to permanently live in the EU or elsewhere for those willing to invest. A golden visa could be just the ticket to secure your permanent residency in an EU country, granting you the automatic right to live and work anywhere else in ‘the block’. Learn more about golden visas below or contact our team to find out how you could live in the EU.

What is a golden visa?

A golden visa is a route to permanent residency and citizenship in a foreign country through investment. Many countries offer permanent residency visas and eventually citizenship if the individual is willing to invest in the country, including EU countries. Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece are just some of the EU countries currently offering golden visas.

Since the UK left the EU, British nationals no longer have an automatic right to live and work in the EU. A golden visa is becoming one of the most sought-after visas to secure permanent residence in an EU country, which can then lead to citizenship. Yet, they also remain popular among investors from other nations, including South Africa, the USA and Australia.

What is a golden visa requirement?

The requirements to be granted a golden visa are different between the countries offering them. It usually requires the applicant to be of good character and to invest in the country through real estate acquisition, making a donation or transferring capital wealth to the country, which could then be subject to local tax rules.

Golden visas can be an evolving environment, so it’s best to speak to experts about your opportunities.

Do you have to live in the country?

Most golden visa programs do not require the investor to reside or remain in the country for all of the year. By holding one EU residency or citizenship, the individual will be free to live and work anywhere else in the EU.

For example, Malta does not require the golden visa holder to reside in the country at all, whereas many other countries only require the visa holder to be present for a few days each year.

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IIMG is partnered with specialist agents who are knowledgeable and skilled in securing golden visas for their clients. If you want to enquire about a golden visa opportunity abroad, or you want to make a golden visa application, do not hesitate to contact our team today.

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