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IIMG offers inheritance tax planning services for individuals who want to ensure more of their wealth gets passed on to their estate beneficiaries. Our inheritance tax planning services are available across borders intending to assist people to overcome unnecessary and avoidable situs tax.

“Inheritance tax is a voluntary levy paid by those who distrust their heirs more than they dislike the Inland Revenue”  Roy Jenkins (former Chancellor)

Inheritance tax planning explained

Inheritance tax planning is a method of assessing an individual’s forecasted estate and suggesting methods to mitigate inheritance tax payable on the estate after death. Thus, it maximises the amount of wealth that is passed on to the individual’s estate beneficiaries.

Inheritance tax planning services could provide an array of recommendations, from making annual financial gifts and creating a will to more sophisticated techniques, such as transferring assets into a trust. The best course of action for you to mitigate inheritance tax on your estate is to speak with a finance professional who can assess your exact situation.

Expats need to be aware

Inheritance tax can be more complicated if you are an expat with wealth and assets situated across borders. A lack of double tax agreements or special rules within double tax agreements could mean your estate will be taxed twice after death.

Even if you are not a tax resident in one country, your worldwide assets might still be subject to IHT upon death if you remain domiciled there. The situation is complex and fluid. It’s best understood and navigated with our experienced IHT professionals.

Help with a new Will

To avoid potential issues, every individual must have an updated will in each jurisdiction with which they are connected. Our IHT advisers can explain the risks of not having a will in each country during a consultation, and they can assist you in organising a will when required.

Contact IIMG now to discuss inheritance tax planning services. Our advisers are experienced in helping locals and expats mitigate IHT obligations.

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