Savings & Investments



Our in-house financial advisers are available to recommend investment opportunities based on your preferences and optimum risk profile. IIMG offers an entirely personalised service so you can explore different opportunities available to you at home and abroad.

Personalised services

IIMG has access to a vast universe of investment opportunities, including complete access to top-tier fund managers who create sustained growth through investment vehicles matched to your risk profile.

You will never be recommended investment products that have a greater risk score than you are comfortable with, and all recommendations will be meticulously considered by our advisers based on your requirements.

Tax planning and jurisdictions

Advisers also consider your tax status when recommending investment products and look into tax-efficient jurisdictions to place your money, such as the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. Our investment services are not disconnected from other areas of finance to ensure your investments don’t have an unforeseen impact on tax efficiency, inheritance tax and anything else relevant to you.

Diversify with IIMG support

IIMG can help you make the correct choice with capital investments and make your wealth work smarter and harder for short or long-term results. We will encourage diversification across an arrange of investment types for your safety, without diverging away from a bespoke and personalised approach for each client.

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